stop by / stop by ~



Would you happen to be free sometime this afternoon? I have some things I have to do in your area later today, so I could stop by your office and give you a copy of our new catalog.

I was just taking a walk and I remembered that you said that you worked at Starbucks on Saturdays. So I just thought I’d stop by and say hi.

Can you stop by Lawson’s on your way over here to get some bananas?

If you don’t mind, I have to stop by the post office. You can just wait in the car. I won’t take long.


  • stop by は、どこか別の場所(=最終目的地)へ向かう途中についでに立ち寄る、という意味なので、相手に対して自分がわざわざ立ち寄る(もしくは会いに行く・会いに来た)と思われたくない場合などに役立つ表現です。上の4つの例文のうち、初めの2つがこれに当てはまります。
  • drop bystop by の代わりに使われることがありますが、stop by よりも少しカジュアルな表現です。
  • swing bystop by とほぼ同じ意味ですが、立ち寄った場所に滞在する時間がとても短いことを強調する場合に使われます。