show off ~ / show ~ off / show off

(自分の能力や所有物)を見せびらかす。ひけらかす。誇示する。 目立とうとする。

She couldn’t wait to go to the office to show her new haircut off to her coworkers.

He always wants to go to the beach because it gives him a chance to show his body off to the girls there.

She’s practicing singing popular songs at home so she can show off at the next karaoke night.

show off をハイフンで結び show-off とすると名詞形になり、「見せびらかす人」「見栄っ張り」「目立ちたがり屋」という意味になります。

He always talks in a loud voice when he speaks English with a foreigner. It’s pretty clear that he wants to impress his Japanese friends. He’s such a show-off.